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Thanksgiving 2019

I’m spending Thanksgiving with Carrie, rereading all her books, making it one of the best ever. Let’s hear it for great writing that peels off the page like a good yam, or ham, in Carrie’s case.  She writes a lot … Continue reading

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When Your Mother Comes Back From The Dead

My mother was sassy, well-dressed, charming and mean, and boy, could she cook. Why I attract these traits (minus the cooking) in the women I meet is a mystery, but I do over and over again. Fashion plates totin Uzis. … Continue reading

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Last Call

I have stopped drinking, for how long, I don’t know.  But having that alcoholic gene passed down from my parents, those yield signs are flashing. Dave Attell, a comic I love says, he drinks to quiet the voices.  My father … Continue reading

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Feeling Unlovable

My dear, sweet, late mother would always say, how unlovable I am.  It was an awful thing to tell a child.  I grew up thinking this was true, and that’s why men cheated, lied and eventually left. After years of … Continue reading

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In An Alcoholic Home

Both my parents were drinkers, and not of the modest variety. My father died of cirrhosis of the liver at forty, while my mother, with ice tinkling in her glass, terrorized everyone and everything in her path. Even the goldfish … Continue reading

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Why They Call It Recovery

The proper definition of recovery is…a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength which says it in a nutshell. I often allude to 12 Step programs…borrowing slogans, chanting their rhetoric mainly because it’s helped me so. I … Continue reading

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