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There but for the Grace of God Go I…Mother Fucker

I’m writing this for me, not anyone who may happen to read it. I am so colossally tired of apologizing for my hearing loss. It’s to my credit, and believe me, deserve an award, that I haven’t stabbed anyone. The … Continue reading

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Don’t Force a Door To Stay Open

Someone said this to me after speaking of a longtime friendship ending, and how ephemeral they’ve become, in general.  Thought back to my best pals in childhood, how they stuck around for better or worse, like a marriage…in sickness and … Continue reading

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Deaf and Dumb

I’m a firm believer that things are put in front of you for a reason. I’ve been having a challenging time as of late, mostly pertaining to my hearing loss. So when I encountered a man who could neither hear … Continue reading

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She Did Her Best

Every night, before sleep, I recap the day…the ups and downs, peace and war, the good, bad and the ugly. I find it helps keep things in their right prospective. At it’s conclusion I always end with…you did your best….you … Continue reading

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Kicking My Drug Habit

Yes, I’m an addict of sorts…a junkie…a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something.  In my case it’s steroids, and no, I’m not a weight lifter or sumo wrestler. I’ve been taking them to keep my hearing … Continue reading

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Things I Hate

NOISE….Hey, when you’re hearing  impaired, life quite often sounds like you live in a beehive. I try hard to stay in gratitude since, it feels a whole lot better…to go where it’s warm, like they suggest in 12 Step. But … Continue reading

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Cruel Or Just Clueless

Or to be or not to be, an asshole, in layman’s terms. Wouldn’t it be great if every mouth came with a 15 second delay?  Imagine the feelings that would be spared.  Coming from a Cancerian Italian girl from Connecticut, … Continue reading

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Common Sense

I have now suffered from hearing loss for over three years.  To my credit, though not easily, I’ve accepted the limitations it comes with. Took me a while, but learned the hard way, not to push against what is. That … Continue reading

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Compassion At Its Highest

I was asked by a lady in Starbucks, why I gave up my seat to a  homeless woman. Because I could, to quote George Clooney.  She’s someone I often see at various Starbucks in the neighborhood.  She never asks for … Continue reading

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Taking Back The Reins

I feel as if I’m in a runaway carriage.  There is so much going wrong at the moment while I sit helpless unable to hit the brakes. We have no control over people, places or things.  All one can do … Continue reading

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