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But Who Asked Me?

As we know, the well-to-do love buying things, and that includes the 4-legged they leave behind on weekends since, according to Muffy, Socrates doesn’t do well in the country. So the maid, they overpay to ease their guilt, stays at … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye To Butter

It’s a sad day at Chez Susannah, watching Land O’Lakes pack her fat, yellow bags. I had my cholesterol unexpectedly checked and it seems lucky, I’m not in the ER. I know what happened, since I’ve become my own best … Continue reading

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What Did You Eat?

This is a question I ask often.  Must be the Italian in me loving to hear what people have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can learn a lot about a person knowing what they eat. Tito the doorman: chicken … Continue reading

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Fat Rations

Is there a shortage of butter I’m unaware of? Are cows on strike? For the record, butter comes from cream, cream comes from milk and milk…MOO…comes from cows. I tried getting Elsie on the phone to comment, but she’s not … Continue reading

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Say Cheese

You really know your luck’s changing when you win a large pizza. Yes, I entered the FREE PIE drawing in celebration of a new Farinella, my favorite pizza place, opening on Lexington Avenue and 60th Street. The best part was … Continue reading

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Is Life Too Short To Worry About Cholesterol?

I’m voting yes after my blood work came back with my LDL on a stretcher. Didn’t much matter that my triglycerides and HDL are soaring like jets, it’s still considered too high… bad, bad cholesterol. The little girl from my … Continue reading

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