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Trumpets Blare

I was listening to an argument between two male friends about our Commander in Chief, more or less, playing the referee. I didn’t participate, saying nothing, and saying it often, a handy tool when discussing politics. One guy said, there’s … Continue reading

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President Trump

How surprised am I to wake up to the breathtaking news, Donald Trump is our 45th President. To say I’m stunned is an understatement. As I wrote to a friend in England, it just goes to show, how many people … Continue reading

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Who Will Be Our Next President?

Soon it will be over, the long, desperate drumroll will finally cease. Who will it be…Bonnie or Clyde? How bout, we just toss a coin since either way Washington’s bones will rattle. George, by the way, didn’t even want to … Continue reading

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The Good Old New York Post

I’m getting so tired of this ongoing Hillary bashing.  Yesterday’s New York Post’s front page may have put me over the edge. Anthony Weiner, former New York congressman, who once again is sexting over the net, is the husband of Huma … Continue reading

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Hill And Don

I wish it were, Phil and Don, as in the Everly Brothers.  Oh come on, you remember them, they sang Wake Up Little Susie and Birddog? The truth is, I’m stunned by both of our presidential nominees, like a lamb … Continue reading

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Why Women Should Vote

I’ve been hinting at this here and there like a diplomat trying not to offend anyone, but this is where the kid gloves come off since three women I know, have already said, they’re not voting. There was a time … Continue reading

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Presidential Hopelessness

I ask myself, me who’s so proudly patriotic, will I even bother to vote for our next president.  The alleged choices, the American Evita, to quote author, Christopher Anderson, or a callous cockatoo who needs a chronic dose of mousse.  … Continue reading

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