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New York At Her Most Irritating

When did the city get so loud?  You can’t walk down the street without covering your ears,  construction on every corner. If they knock down one more old building, sadly not landmarked to build a high-rise, in ten years times, … Continue reading

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Boy Do You Deserve A Good Slap

I just came back from the drugstore.  Not just any drugstore mind you, but the Cartier of druggists…Zitomer’s of Madison Avenue. I’ve had a charge there for over twenty-five years establishing credit rivaling an Astor, who I hear didn’t always … Continue reading

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No Spring In My Step

Spring called to say she’s on her way.  She’s presently in Houston at a Saks sale. Yeah, heard that one before, you irresponsible bitch.  This cold is making me very ornery, like flypaper, attracting all that’s annoying. I’m walking up … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Carry A Gun

Because I’d be in jail. As I’m walking into the bank, there’s a young man waiting in line with three old dogs slumped on the floor. It’s always a delight when any establishment is animal friendly. Without pause I say, … Continue reading

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