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Pride of Language

an Old English term, morphing from the word pride, meaning the most important, significant position among a group of objects or personal possessions. The Mona Lisa, for instance, has a major, pride of place, at The Louvre, in Paris. Someone’s … Continue reading

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For The Birds

It’s occurred to me, I have a bird fetish.  Just yesterday, I acquired another who is now gracing my window sill. My neighbor, Mimi, is also into birds, so I called her over to meet my new beaked roommate. We … Continue reading

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Pillow Talk

The famous line from Tennessee Williams’s, A Streetcar Named Desire, comes to mind.  I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. I’ve been sniveling a lot lately in many of my posts, so let me take a moment to … Continue reading

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Audrey’s In The House

I’m not much into decorating as a rule, but suddenly I’m rivaling Martha Stewart. I already have lots of artwork for my many walls.  Never being able to afford a masterpiece, I’d find a cheap, old magazine cover, poster or … Continue reading

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Bianchi Lanes

My apartment is at a standstill, still waiting for the couch to arrive. Rumor has it, it’s in Vegas playing the slots. When I look into the living room, the term space takes on all new meaning thinking, hey..maybe I … Continue reading

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A Coupla Things

The swan is staying.  After waiting a millennium for my return postage sticker and not having the heart to put her in the box, she’s kinda grown on me.  As her patina quietly peels, she’s good company since she doesn’t … Continue reading

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My Swan Song

Have you ever yearned for something your whole life, even something a little silly? I never wanted a car, diamonds or a mink coat, I wanted a swan.  One of those old New England decoys you see in antique shops … Continue reading

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The Russians Are Coming

I am here with Leon and Boris who are painting my kitchen. I’m thinking they should seriously think of changing their names to Stan and Ollie. When you live in a rent stabilized apartment you are not treated to the … Continue reading

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This Seat Is Taken?

I bought a new chair and boy, am I excited? Why would I be so excited over a chair, you must be thinking. Because it’s my first real chair. I’ll explain. My apartment, that is very charming, if you’re farsighted … Continue reading

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