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Favorite Quotes

Quotes are meant to inspire, encourage and make us smile. Whenever one winks, I jot it down. Writing: You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say. F. Scott Fitzgerald Tell the … Continue reading

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Hail Mary

A frequent exclamation of mine, whenever responding to a hail of goodness.  You don’t need to be a thumping Christian to appreciate the aura of Mary. Most of us don’t tally the good greeting us during the course of a … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Up The Avenue

I’ve lived in this neighborhood for so long, I know many stories, too many perhaps. As I stroll, I remember. The doorman at 941 Park whose young son fatally fell from scaffolding at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, yet still … Continue reading

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Going To The Hardware Store For Oranges

l love this expression since, though cleverly cryptic, says it all.  It’s when you have a need, secret or confidence you trust to the wrong person, coming away more bitch-slapped than comforted. I’ve been in an inexplicable swoon unable to … Continue reading

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The Upside Of Illness

Since my sudden hearing loss, I’ve thought a lot about the trials and tribulations of others. I’ve been so blessed with perfect health my whole life that this turn of events have really humbled me. So this is what it’s … Continue reading

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The Fat Man Goeth

Before I launch into a much needed rant over my former ear doctor, please note I have nothing against those who are plump or heavy. This is aimed only at one particular individual with the bedside manner of a marsupial, … Continue reading

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Humanity On 77th And Lex

When I was crawling home from the emergency room at 6 in the morning, a woman around my same age stopped me. She had a crumpled note in her hand with the directions to some shelter on it and that … Continue reading

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Love Till It Comes Along

How does one derive love when there is no one special to lavish our affections on? We need to tap into other sources, but what are they? They must vary from person to person so I sat down and made … Continue reading

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Learning How To Be

Years ago someone gave me a set of ancient Rune Cards (similar to Tarot ) I sadly no longer have,    but one in particular has always stayed fixed in my memory. I can’t recall its name but remember the inscription; to paraphrase: … Continue reading

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I’m always carrying on over something as you well know. I get annoyed easily, pissed off regularly and the littlest thing can wreck my day. I’ve often asked myself, Susannah, all this minutia you concern yourself with, what would you … Continue reading

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