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Best Story of the Week…July, 27 2018

Rushing to the ATM, I hold the door for a woman coming out who stops to stare at me. I smile. “What’s the matter?” “I can’t believe you hold the door for me?” She’s a little Latino woman, probably working … Continue reading

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Some Of What I’m Grateful For

To be even aware, to be grateful. For waking up every day feet firmly on the floor, regardless of how I feel. That I can still run in my 6th decade alongside nature, my truest companion. Reading as a major … Continue reading

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Not Seeing Is Believing

I’m not religious, at least I don’t think I am.  After my dear mother wielded Catholicism like a machete, I’ve hung up my bible for good, at least I think I have. I was 40 before realizing, God wouldn’t strike … Continue reading

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Birthday Recap

Well, for someone who truly didn’t want to celebrate, I was feted like a queen, all with things I love: books, flowers, a Panera card, Oreos and money along with a mezuzah for my front door. Yes, a shiksa with … Continue reading

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Mistaken Integrity

Two men come into a cafe. One is dressed to the nines, the other, rags.  He asks politely, if he sweeps the floor, would they give him breakfast.  “Just cafa an a roll,” he says.  The man in charge agrees. … Continue reading

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Humility In Flight

I’m walking up East 79th Street on my way home, when I see an elderly man with a cane standing in the entranceway of his building with both his shoes untied. Without hesitation, I walk up to him and say, … Continue reading

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A Noble Soul

You never know who or what will inspire you as you tool through life.  Could be anything…a kid, an average individual, or simply nature showing off, your heart lifting on its own steam. There’s a man in his 70s, white-haired, … Continue reading

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Cops And Robbers

I was in line at the bank with a policeman at the teller window while his partner stood behind a woman behind me. I offered him my place in line.  “No, no,” he said, “I can wait.” “Yeah, but your … Continue reading

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Knowing Bess

I have a new acquaintance in my life named Bess who collects cans and bottles early in the morning.  She has quite an enterprise by the time I see her at 6…two full shopping carts rivaling her height. One can’t … Continue reading

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My Graces

A friend of mine, instead of thank you likes to say…my graces to you, a humbler way of showing gratitude. When someone does something kind it should be considered a grace, not a given. Sadly, many people suffer from what … Continue reading

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