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Sleepless in Manhattan

When I can’t sleep, rather than count sheep, or even U.S. Presidents, I now count my blessings making a gratitude list from A to Z. It goes something like this: A…apples, the air I breathe and my friend Anna, who … Continue reading

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Tracy Morgan Healing Nicely

On June 7, comedian Tracy Morgan was in a deadly accident when a Walmart tractor-trailer truck slammed into his limousine on the New Jersey Turnpike killing one man, injuring Tracy and two others. It was amazing they weren’t all killed. … Continue reading

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I read an article on famous people living with physical challenges, George Clooney being one of them.  Since hurting himself in 2004 while doing a stunt on the film Syriana (won Oscar for Best Supporting Actor), he’s in chronic back … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Ring

I’ve always considered myself a patriot knowing how lucky I am to live in the greatest country in the world. Even when it’s off kilter abusing itself by ignoring global warming, or by being witness to the greed wielded by … Continue reading

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Adjusting To Change

I want to one, apologize for my chronic cyber bellyaching as of late, and two, thank everyone for their ongoing support. I’m always amazed at how kind people can be, especially those whom I have never met. My blog following … Continue reading

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I’m always carrying on over something as you well know. I get annoyed easily, pissed off regularly and the littlest thing can wreck my day. I’ve often asked myself, Susannah, all this minutia you concern yourself with, what would you … Continue reading

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Grace is one of my favorite words. I not only love what it means but how it sounds as well. It has a pure, unassuming ring that reminds me of all things good and noble. I have a friend who, … Continue reading

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Today marks my 200th blog post. I started this venture the last week in July, 2011 on the heels of my last birthday with the help of Amy Foster who gets just as much credit in its launch as I … Continue reading

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