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A Nutty Word.

I’m on a novel kick these days, a real change from memoir and historical bios. I’m so enjoying the language, like the word chestnut, I found twice in two different books. Not the nut roasting on an open fire, but the term for … Continue reading

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Emily Earheart

It was early in the morning, Christmas Eve, when I found a huge loaf of homemade pound cake in front of my door, minus a note. I knew right away it was from Patrick the cat, down the hall, who … Continue reading

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Diehard Beauty

It’s 35 degrees with a windchill factor of about 10, as I walk to La La Nails to get my toes done, wearing tights and thongs. I may get pneumonia, but boy, will my feet look great. I’ll be on … Continue reading

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A Super Cha-Cha

I see all kinds of things, in the early morning, to make mental note of. Today, for instance, en route home from my run, there’s a man, a superintendent of a building along 86th Street, dancing along the curb while … Continue reading

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Should I Kill Myself, Or Go To Lunch?

Christmas sure brings stuff up, like dead bodies bobbing in a lake. Toss in Bill Hick’s birthday, and I’m ready to update my will.  Yes, I already have one, but my bequeaths have changed. That’s what happens as years pass. … Continue reading

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The Furry Departed

We’ve all been through it. Topdown with Chester, Kate with Jake. Even me, who, whenever I see a tube of any kind, still cries over Carmela the Bassett Hound, who is still among us, just in Jersey. Or is it … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy Still

I’m in a summer swoon attempting to rise above the clouds, minus a silo of alcohol. It’s hard competing with vodka on the rocks, but Lucille Ball is indeed a contender, her classic reruns beating Prozac in the antidepressant department. … Continue reading

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I Still Love Lucy

 I posted an essay this morning I’m told is very depressing so I apologize. Hopefully this is a little lighter. Thanks. I picked up a bio about Lucille Ball by Stefan Kanfer written in 2003 called, Ball of Fire. I … Continue reading

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Bad Hear Day

No, this isn’t another lament about hearing…it really has to do with my hair. I remember when my hearing went the last time, it did not prevent me from going to the hairdresser’s for a much needed trim. My hair … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned From The West Wing

I’m here humming Hail To The Chief.  I thought this was a perfect day to post this now that the election is over. It also made me remember why I loved The West Wing so much. Watching how the government … Continue reading

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