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Buffalo in Spandex

 It’s the time of year when that herd of seasonal runners come out from behind the 10 pounds they’ve gained over the winter in all their pudgy splendor. Think bears with a full fridge. There should be a law that … Continue reading

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And the Cell Phone Shall Inherit the Earth

The world is on the phone. It actually has a sci-fi-feeling to it, like those awful Godzilla movies you watched as a kid. What bothers me most, are the unconscious conversations one must endure daily, no matter where you happen … Continue reading

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Pap Text

There I was in the throes of my annual pap exam, on the table, feet in stirrups, probably the least dignified position a woman ever finds herself in.  Toss in the Pepto Bismol pink gown…opened to the front like bad … Continue reading

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Stapled Shut

Only I would get stuck on an elevator buying batteries at Staples, the Gap of office supplies. It’s a one flight-er, an escalator going back down. I’m on it along with a black woman the size of Kansas needing post-its … Continue reading

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Dueling Phones

Who needs to be a couple these days, when you have a phone.  I’m in a restaurant watching how no one relates to who they’re with anymore. It’s amazing.  They come in, sit down, and immediately check their phones, and … Continue reading

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Out In The Open

You know the expression, I can’t believe my eyes? Well here it is in Technicolor. An elderly man in a wheelchair, while his caregiver blabs on her phone, is flashing people as they go by, me included. He’s just bringing … Continue reading

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Quentin Tarantino Live

I saw a young girl get hit by a taxi. While waiting to cross East 86th Street, I watched her step off the curb not seeing she didn’t have the light. Why? She was texting. A woman screamed when this … Continue reading

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Those Multitaskers

My daily hour spent in the park is one of serenity.  I don’t even use my iPod these days, preferring the birdsong I’m grateful can still hear. Nature has a way of restoring all that’s lagging in spirit and attitude, … Continue reading

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I’m So Sorry

I like to think of myself as a really nice girl, and I am.  But even nice girls slip once in a while. I was called to participate in a focus group on hearing loss.  If there was anything I … Continue reading

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Are You Kidding Me?

I’ve often written how much I hate people who yak publicly on their cell phones…the intrusion of it with all its unconsciousness, but this time I have to say it broke the sound barrier, as it were. I was in … Continue reading

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