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1-800 Windex

I’m sound asleep, when suddenly at 3 a.m. light comes streaming through my window. I half expect cops to bust in, or at least Frank, the super, in his Robert Hall striped pajamas. I perch on my elbows and see, … Continue reading

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Christmas At The Carlyle

There I was in my decimated apartment with nothing in it but the bed I’m leaving behind. Looks like a cell in Gaza, just maybe not as nice. I’ve managed to make 35 trips to my new place on foot … Continue reading

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Crashing To Earth

I’m coming off medicine. It feels as if I’ve been launched by NASA, just without a suit. I stayed on Prednisone longer than I should have hoping it would do its magic without too much harm. Of course, you don’t … Continue reading

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Oh Holy Night

I can’t sleep. Thanks to the whims of steroids, newborns get more shut-eye than I have these past three weeks. I’m happy to report I’m on a reduced dose, but still haunt myself in the wee hours of the morning. … Continue reading

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Laughter In Apartment 10

After having one of my sleepless nights, I decided to get up and do something useful. No, I didn’t scrub the tub. I made a list of some of my favorite jokes instead. We all have them if you think … Continue reading

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Puppies On Parade

After getting bored of counting ex lovers at 3 in the morning, I went to Google Images for a little comedy relief with a pinch of sweetness thrown in. What I should really count when I can’t sleep are the … Continue reading

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Hot Men

When my pal Camille heard I was having trouble sleeping she suggested, rather than sheep and dead presidents, I count the men I’ve dated. “It’s very relaxing,” she said, “better than Ambien even,” so I decided to give it a … Continue reading

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Midnight Googling

I like being online at 3 a.m. It feels as if you’re privy to life while the rest of the world sleeps. But like anything there’s a downside as in…be careful what you Google. Sweet and funny animals are one … Continue reading

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Those Wacky Animals

I don’t know much these days since my bewilderment over life continues.  What I do know  is…a good dose of the animal kingdom is the best medicine for whatever ails you…better than a drink or even a piece of Farinella … Continue reading

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Hark, Is That Sex You’re Having?

It’s awful when you can’t sleep, unless of course you’re an owl or raccoon…or cocaine addict who prefers it that way. From taking so much Prednisone for my ongoing hearing issues, my whole being is out of whack. I sleep … Continue reading

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