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Sleepless in Manhattan

When I can’t sleep, rather than count sheep, or even U.S. Presidents, I now count my blessings making a gratitude list from A to Z. It goes something like this: A…apples, the air I breathe and my friend Anna, who … Continue reading

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1-800 Windex

I’m sound asleep, when suddenly at 3 a.m. light comes streaming through my window. I half expect cops to bust in, or at least Frank, the super, in his Robert Hall striped pajamas. I perch on my elbows and see, … Continue reading

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Christmas At The Carlyle

There I was in my decimated apartment with nothing in it but the bed I’m leaving behind. Looks like a cell in Gaza, just maybe not as nice. I’ve managed to make 35 trips to my new place on foot … Continue reading

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Crashing To Earth

I’m coming off medicine. It feels as if I’ve been launched by NASA, just without a suit. I stayed on Prednisone longer than I should have hoping it would do its magic without too much harm. Of course, you don’t … Continue reading

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Oh Holy Night

I can’t sleep. Thanks to the whims of steroids, newborns get more shut-eye than I have these past three weeks. I’m happy to report I’m on a reduced dose, but still haunt myself in the wee hours of the morning. … Continue reading

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Laughter In Apartment 10

After having one of my sleepless nights, I decided to get up and do something useful. No, I didn’t scrub the tub. I made a list of some of my favorite jokes instead. We all have them if you think … Continue reading

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Puppies On Parade

After getting bored of counting ex lovers at 3 in the morning, I went to Google Images for a little comedy relief with a pinch of sweetness thrown in. What I should really count when I can’t sleep are the … Continue reading

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Hot Men

When my pal Camille heard I was having trouble sleeping she suggested, rather than sheep and dead presidents, I count the men I’ve dated. “It’s very relaxing,” she said, “better than Ambien even,” so I decided to give it a … Continue reading

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Midnight Googling

I like being online at 3 a.m. It feels as if you’re privy to life while the rest of the world sleeps. But like anything there’s a downside as in…be careful what you Google. Sweet and funny animals are one … Continue reading

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Those Wacky Animals

I don’t know much these days since my bewilderment over life continues.  What I do know  is…a good dose of the animal kingdom is the best medicine for whatever ails you…better than a drink or even a piece of Farinella … Continue reading

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