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Did You Know..The Writer’s Two Cents Edition

The journalist, Damon Runyon, when William Randolph Hearst who he worked for on the newspaper, the New York American, wanted him to write meanly of Franklin Roosevelt, he refused, saying… You never knock a winner.  His runner-up quote…You can become … Continue reading

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Whine And Cheese

Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves, wondered Robin Williams. If I’m the best man at a wedding, why is she marrying him? asked Jerry Seinfeld. I realize these were two jokes, but were they really? Aren’t … Continue reading

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Things People Say

I’m a huge lover of quotes, always tickled to repeat them like a passionate parrot. And it’s not just the famous who coin them. I hear locals repeat pithy phrases all the time. Take Frank, my super, whenever I say, … Continue reading

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