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Is J. Crew Single?

I only ask since, he emails 3 times a day to let me know about his package, so to speak, that’s on its way, though a little late as though my socks stopped off for a beer. To find a … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week…November 2

Subway…Grand Central Station…rush hour I stand on the packed platform with those going home, awaiting the express. There’s a tall, hefty hardhat next to me armed with a huge toolbox, ready to board. We’re like horses at the starting gate … Continue reading

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Can A Leopard Change Her Spots?

I’ve never been a lover of animal prints.  Hey, I’m from Connecticut.  Back when I lived there, if you walked down Main Street in spots of any kind, they’d shoot you.They don’t call it The Nutmeg State for nothing. But … Continue reading

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What Is She Wearing?

I’m asked this a lot…what do I have on…where did it come from, and always have to laugh since I’m a collection of collectibles. Everything I own has a story. Let’s peruse my reading picture my pal Bill took.  We … Continue reading

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My Blue Suede Shoes

I haven’t been shopping lately, though I did tiptoe down to The J. Crew after Xmas super sale to just see what was shakin. Turned out to be my knees when I saw that my favorite pair of pumps were … Continue reading

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I hate trends. They’re expensive, ephemeral and remind me of cheap uniforms with expiration dates. Take gladiator sandals, for instance. I wouldn’t wear them even if I were a gladiator. They crawl up your legs concealing one’s calf that I … Continue reading

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