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The recent film, Jackie, about Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, is getting lots of attention. Seems she never loses her allure, while we remain fascinated by her. The film chronicles the assassination,   along with the pain over losing her husband, as … Continue reading

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Those Multitaskers

My daily hour spent in the park is one of serenity.  I don’t even use my iPod these days, preferring the birdsong I’m grateful can still hear. Nature has a way of restoring all that’s lagging in spirit and attitude, … Continue reading

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Christmas, Jackie and the Unexpected

This is interesting. It all began last Christmas assuming I wouldn’t be getting any presents.  My two best friends I exchanged gifts with for years are both gone.  And as you may recall, Camille and I weren’t speaking. Throw in, … Continue reading

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The Man On The Couch

Every day possible I go to the library to read for an hour, a favorite pastime of mine. Where else can you find guaranteed peace and absolutely no cell phone use. One feels as if they’re stepping back in time … Continue reading

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Deflecting Disappointment

I feel as though I’m always waiting for someone to either show up or call. You’d think romping through my 5th decade that I would be used to no-shows by now but alas, I am not. If you say, hey … Continue reading

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When History Walks By

I went for a long, early morning stroll on Christmas Day. Nothing was open, the streets were still. It’s the one day a year one could cut the silence with a cleaver. As I was coming from the West Side … Continue reading

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Flawed With Grace

After finishing the Jefferson book (Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power) I mused over how much we’ve assaulted him concerning his personal life and just how often we do that in general. Americans in particular are never happy unless we’re … Continue reading

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Holding On Too Tightly

I went to 8 a.m. mass on Sunday in order to deliver a birthday gift to a friend. Yes, it was really the only reason I went. I sat in the back basking in the air-conditioning breathing in that smell … Continue reading

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One For The Dealer

I want to talk a little about Jackie Kennedy Onassis whose old apartment I pass by most mornings. Images float through my mind especially the days before she died: a stirring shrine of flowers, the throng of people holding quiet … Continue reading

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Mass Revisited

I decided, it being Lent and all, that I’d take in a mass or two at the old ‘it’s all my fault so flog me’ Catholic Church. Part of it was inspired by a little memoir I read by John … Continue reading

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