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In Elegant Conversation

I was working, when someone used the phrase, speak in elegant conversation, making me take pause. What a lovely concept, I thought, to speak elegantly.  Made me think of rubies and pearls, Paris  and Grace Kelly …the Chrysler Building   and crystal … Continue reading

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Phone Survey…or…Life In a Cell

I counted 17 people waiting for the crosstown bus, all on their phones, either talking, texting or emailing.  It could have easily been an Apple commercial, waiting for an obscure actor to waltz through pitching iPhone ACDC,or whatever they have … Continue reading

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Besotted : adjective 1 strongly infatuated : he became besotted with the girl next door. 2 intoxicated; drunk, head over heels for…mad, obsessed or wild about. I love this word, and wish it was used in casual conversation. It’s not, … Continue reading

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On The Books

A friend of mine said, it’s amazing how I could go from reading Jane Austen to the Secret Conservations of Ava Gardner without passing go…from a major classic to such smut, as she put it. I read Pride and Prejudice … Continue reading

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Why We Reread

My friend Jacques over Christmas said he was reading Hemingway’s Movable Feast I’m assuming not for the first time (he’s a big reader). Another friend was tearing through Middlemarch, George Eliot’s famed opus for the 3rd time. An impressive feat … Continue reading

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Things That Elude Me Part 3

People who put their feet up on furniture is my new pet peeve and I believe it’s becoming epidemic. I often speak of the library I belong to with great affection. There’s a reading room I frequent with easy chairs … Continue reading

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Death Comes To Pemberley

I love Jane Austen. ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ published in 1813, is my all time favorite novel that I read faithfully once a year. The language, being so beautiful, never fails to leave me in a sated, sensual swoon. So you … Continue reading

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Boxing Day

I knew ‘Boxing Day’ was an English/Canadian holiday but assumed it involved the sport. Come to find out it has nothing to do with fighting and everything to do with giving. It was when all the rich landowners boxed up … Continue reading

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I Vont To Be Read but Otherwise Left Alone

I’m not on Facebook or Twitter although my friend Amy thinks tweeting would be a nice way to glean followers. I don’t know though, with the exception of The Social Network, the movie, ( love Aaron Sorkin) I find the … Continue reading

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