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Holy Thursday

It’s what Christians call, Holy Week, the mournful drum roll to Good Friday, when Jesus died on the cross. Holy Thursday commemorates The Last Supper, Jesus’s last meal, when he shared bread and wine with his Apostles to more or … Continue reading

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Jumpin Mac Flash

“You’re not thinking of jumping, are ya?” It’s barely light when I climb onto the running track that surrounds the Central Park Reservoir, named for Jackie O who used to circle it, just like I’m about to do. There’s hardly … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday

I no longer consider myself a Christian, yet still remember the poignancy of Holy Thursday.  Of the three, high holy days, it was always my favorite, leaving its mark in its inimitable way. It’s the eve of Good Friday, that … Continue reading

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My Pal Jesus

I ran into a priest I know who gives a 5:30 mass on Fridays. I was so happy to see him that without thinking, I said I’d attend. A lapsed Catholic of my word, I went, and by sitting in … Continue reading

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Oh my…Christmas is looming like a runaway train and on top of that, it’s on sale. Yes, Christmas is 40 % off ten days away in case you didn’t hear. I can’t help thinking about the Three Wise Men who … Continue reading

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Lunch With Jesus

The other day I had to go see a doctor way up near Columbia University and I was not too happy. As a matter of fact you could have cut my bitterness with a butcher knife. It was the first … Continue reading

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A Born Again Optimist

I was just sitting here musing over my religious beliefs that seem to be all over the place. After reading writer Anne Lamott, who really illuminated me in the area of believing, I keep asking myself, what exactly do you … Continue reading

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