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Mary and Jack

Mary McGrory (1918-2004) and John Kennedy (1917-1963) were friends.  They actually dated when they were just cubs making their way in Washington. He became the president, and she, the top woman journalist in D.C. manning a daily column for the Washington … Continue reading

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Sui Generis…A Unique Word

My friend David mentioned sui generis, in an email…an adjective meaning, of its own kind..unlike any other…inspiring me to write about it. I knew what it meant, since every once in a while it pops up in a book, describing … Continue reading

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JFK at 100

That’s the one good thing about dying young, you still look pretty good, and how uncanny to have May 29 of this very special milestone, fall on Memorial Day. I’ll bet he would have smiled at that. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2016

Freedom comes with a price that’s never more evident than when you go to Arlington National Cemetery, and it has little to do with the Kennedys, all majestically buried there like movie stars. It’s those endless rows of white headstones … Continue reading

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So Where Were You Fifty Years Ago Today?

It’s November 22nd, 2013. On this day fifty years ago, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, our 35th President, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas at the tender age of 46. We all watched…we all remember. For starters, the mass of Kennedy stuff that’s … Continue reading

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On The Books

Over the Labor Day weekend I read two books. One was Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story by, C. David Heymann…the other: The Last Campaign, Thurston Clarke that I had read, in 2008, when it first came out. What they … Continue reading

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A Profile in Courage

I recently found my 8th grade copy of John F. Kennedy’s 1955 Pulitzer Prize book, Profiles in Courage that I remember buying for .85 at The Sheridan School Book Fair. It’s the inspiration behind the Profiles In Courage Award given … Continue reading

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