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John F. Kennedy Jr.’s Lost Legacy

I heard a story about John Kennedy Junior I had never heard before. Just when you think you know everything there is to know about someone you admire, something lost gets recovered. It’s no secret his mother raised her children … Continue reading

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JFK at 100

That’s the one good thing about dying young, you still look pretty good, and how uncanny to have May 29 of this very special milestone, fall on Memorial Day. I’ll bet he would have smiled at that. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, … Continue reading

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Living On The Edge

I’ve always liked this expression, especially the image it offers. There’s a great photograph of Lady Diana in a sky blue swimsuit sitting on the wing of a plane, her shapely legs dangling off.  They even used it in the … Continue reading

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Prince Of Camelot

When John Kennedy Jr. went missing two days before my 45h birthday, my Italian kicked in right away. Unlike the rest of America, I knew there was little hope. The Prince of Camelot was gone adding to the myth of … Continue reading

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Love On One Side

I think unrequited love might be the most painful love of all. Have you ever had utmost affection for someone who didn’t feel the same about you? The first time this happened to me was in grammar school. I was … Continue reading

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Six Seconds In Dallas

Today marks the 48th anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I wrote this essay 2 weeks ago but decided to save it to commemorate the day. Six Seconds In Dallas I picked up a book that recently came … Continue reading

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