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Looking For Mr. Snickers Bar

Someone asked me, whats the most important quality I require in a man. A sense of humor, I said, without pause. Have you ever been with a guy, or girl for that matter, who hasn’t had one? Oh my.  It’s … Continue reading

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Thanks For The Mammories

It’s self-care season, meaning, it’s a round robin of doctor appointments to make sure all is in working order, like an annual tune-up for your car. Of course, as with anything, it comes with a downside.  Prodding and pushing, pressing and … Continue reading

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Macbook Air (2007-2016)

My laptop died…went, just like that, right in front of me. One minute we were happily engaged, the next…kerplunk. I raced to the Apple Store while he still had a pulse, and they tried everything to resuscitate, but alas, he … Continue reading

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Teed Off

My main goal in life, besides paying the rent, is to imbue joy and merriment everywhere I go, but every once in a while even Pollyanna pulls up anchor. I’m in Panera contemplating cookies, when a 7 foot tall man … Continue reading

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Every Girl Needs A Butter Dish

I got a call from Mimi from Washington in a state of panic.  For those of you who may not know, she was my most beloved 89 year-old neighbor who moved a week ago.  She realized she left food in … Continue reading

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You Woud Luke Veddy,Veddy Goud

I seem to have a fan club at Duane Reade with young Muslim girls wearing hijabs in assorted prints and colors. Whenever I stroll in, which is daily, they are all so happy to see me, smiling and waving. I … Continue reading

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Testing 1 2 3

As some of you know, I’ve been under a doctor’s care.  A young neurologist who has put me through testing hell.  Well, the research has concluded without any concrete explanation in regards to my hearing loss. The last attempt at … Continue reading

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Snoogums Oh Ma Huna

There’s a woman who works at a Starbucks I frequent who has a cartload of names for her customers…doesn’t matter how many times you tell her the right one she’s supposed to jot on your cup like a dog tag. … Continue reading

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Stop That Dog

I’m happy to say spring is finally here deciding to stay awhile. Despite my joy, with the exception of a couple layers, I’m still more or less dressed for winter, at least running wise. I have so many things going … Continue reading

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Butt Out

There’s a kid working at a cafe I frequent I’ve come to know and like.  He’s half Latino,  half American Indian with shiny black hair braided down his back.  To say he’s striking is an understatement, and he’s sweet to … Continue reading

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