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Pass the Synonym

I read that cinnamon was really great for you, rich in antioxidants and reduces the risk of heart disease. A teaspoon a day, is all you need. Great, I think, as I head to the store. In flight, despite trying … Continue reading

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If My Feet Could Talk

When I went to see Vivet who does my nails figuring, I’d have to wait till August to get a pedicure since women’s toes are chomping at the bit, she surprised me when she said… “I’m free now.” I expected … Continue reading

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A Coupla Cats Sittin Around Talkin

I’m here with Pat the Cat, aka Patrick, my neighbor next door. His owner for once, knows that he’s here since he’s visiting upon request. I needed a sit down, okay on the floor, but still, with someone I could … Continue reading

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Pandemic By Phone

7:15 A.m. I’m in the market, in the check-out line. If you ever told me it would be such a wealth of material, I never would have believed it. A woman is behind me on her 6 foot mark. Another … Continue reading

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Scalped…Cash Only

The fact that I’m resembling Elvis has become a concern, so when I get a surprise call from my hairdresser at midnight, I’m overjoyed. “What are ya doin?” he asks. “I’m in bed, awake, after falling asleep after lunch, and … Continue reading

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Best Line of the Week

As I’m attempting to exit Starbucks via their backdoor, a cup of coffee in each hand, using my rear to push it open, I can’t. The hinges have been recently changed, so as I’m pushing, the door just won’t budge. … Continue reading

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Looking For Mr. Snickers Bar

Someone asked me, whats the most important quality I require in a man. A sense of humor, I said, without pause. Have you ever been with a guy, or girl for that matter, who hasn’t had one? Oh my.  It’s … Continue reading

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Thanks For The Mammories

It’s self-care season, meaning, it’s a round robin of doctor appointments to make sure all is in working order, like an annual tune-up for your car. Of course, as with anything, it comes with a downside.  Prodding and pushing, pressing and … Continue reading

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Macbook Air (2007-2016)

My laptop died…went, just like that, right in front of me. One minute we were happily engaged, the next…kerplunk. I raced to the Apple Store while he still had a pulse, and they tried everything to resuscitate, but alas, he … Continue reading

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Teed Off

My main goal in life, besides paying the rent, is to imbue joy and merriment everywhere I go, but every once in a while even Pollyanna pulls up anchor. I’m in Panera contemplating cookies, when a 7 foot tall man … Continue reading

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