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You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Model, But Not The Model Out Of The Girl

11:00 A.M.  I’m at a casting in midtown for an osteopenia drug. No, it’s not penis related. It’s the last stop, the green room, for osteoporosis. Where did the glamour go, I ask you? I’m surrounded by women in all … Continue reading

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Four-Legged Referrals

Wouldn’t it be great if animals we knew could give us references, so we’d get that job? I’d be hired for everything if Hans the Hotdog, or Zeus the Cat spoke on my behalf. Hans: I’ve known Susannah now for … Continue reading

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Jack the Zipper

Animals will never cease to amaze or entertain me. We have a new doggie in the neighborhood. A German Shepherd puppy called Jack, and is he ka-utte. You don’t see many Shepherds in these parts, never a popular breed. A … Continue reading

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The Colonoscopy Chronicles

Self-care can be a real pain in the ass, no pun intended. I’ve been due for a colonoscopy, since the last one I had was 12 years ago, and being health conscious decided, let’s get it, or me rather, off … Continue reading

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Ferry Tails

 Before you can enter the Staten Island Ferry’s terminal, one needs to be vetted by two Labradors who look as official as rodeo clowns…their partners as stern as they seem surprised. Why are we working again when we could be … Continue reading

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Text And The City

Just when you think you’re about to have a nice, peaceful weekend, some nut decides to catch up texting her little heart out. So I’m in Frisco with Fredrico eating on the marina. Where are you? Home cleaning my oven. … Continue reading

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I Love Lucy Still

I’m in a summer swoon attempting to rise above the clouds, minus a silo of alcohol. It’s hard competing with vodka on the rocks, but Lucille Ball is indeed a contender, her classic reruns beating Prozac in the antidepressant department. … Continue reading

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Cruel Or Just Clueless

Or to be or not to be, an asshole, in layman’s terms. Wouldn’t it be great if every mouth came with a 15 second delay?  Imagine the feelings that would be spared.  Coming from a Cancerian Italian girl from Connecticut, … Continue reading

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The Two Frenchmen

There are two new men in my life, Felipe and Pascal. Pascal is very tall, Felipe, extremely short. I’m not known to like shorties, but Felipe is an exception due to his chronic charm.  He’s quieter than Pascal, more poised … Continue reading

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Eric Burdon and The Animals

It will sound strange, but I’ve never been as close to the two-legged as I’ve been to the four.  Maybe that’s because they can’t sass or hurt like humans can.  However, they sure can get even pooping on the carpet, … Continue reading

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