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Sniper Shootings

I must be giving off one helluva scent because anyone and everyone with a gripe or grievance has graced my path. Recently, when I was working, an older woman started to scream at me over something I had nothing to … Continue reading

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My friend Connie died. She was in the hospital presumably getting better about to be released, when she suddenly just passed. Her brother, whom she lived with said, how strange it was because she talked that whole day about coming … Continue reading

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Bon Mots

Bon mots is French, for good words, something I try to practice. I’ve learned to think before speaking spreading more cheer than dissension. This came about because of all the ingenuous, silly remarks made to me by people who should … Continue reading

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Patience is a virtue I’ve never had and if I look as if I have it, it’s because I pretend that I do. I find that chewing Tums help a great deal along with vats of Pinot Grigio in achieving … Continue reading

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The Kennedy Mud Machine

First I want to say thank you for the outpouring of love and concern towards Traveller the cat and her furry little family. We were all so touched by it, you have no idea. Today’s post though will be quite … Continue reading

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