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You Great Small Beautiful Doll

I’ve changed the lyrics to the famous song to honor two twins I encountered on the avenue in frilly dresses and Mary Janes, ribbons in their curly blonde hair. There they were, toddling along, their Nanny manning their empty double-stroller … Continue reading

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God In Small Corners

I’ve been finding comfort in the tiniest of things. I was running around the track when I saw a woman staring at something. It was a hawk three feet from her sitting on a low branch.  It looked female, small, … Continue reading

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A Dog That Knows Me

Carmela the basset and I now have a weekly date on Saturdays. Around Thursday I leave a note for her, asking if she’s free. Reads something like this: Dear Carmela, would love to walk with you on Saturday (sabado). If  … Continue reading

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Doggie On The Dash

You see the damnedest things early in the morning…like the couple who roller skates down Park Avenue singing Ain’t Too Proud To Beg. On this particular morning on my way home toting my silo of coffee, there’s a battered SUV … Continue reading

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I Used To Be Funny

I consider myself, deep down, a humorist. Lately though my laugh gene seems to be at large. If you run into it, can you send it home? Tell it I’ll be good and try very hard to appreciate it more. … Continue reading

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A Change In Programming

It was very strange not posting Saturday and Sunday. I felt like a mother whose kid had a sleepover for the first time. She was happy for 20 minutes before thinking, shit, now what do I do? How odd not … Continue reading

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Homage to Nora

I spent last weekend weeping while watching Nora Ephron films starting with Heartburn, her movie based on her fateful marriage to the writer Carl Bernstein. My favorite part of course is when she slams him in the face with a … Continue reading

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A Year In Time

Today is my 365th Post. I can scarcely believe I have written diligently every day for one  whole year. A friend of mine asked me why I started a blog to begin with when I’m such an intensely  private person … Continue reading

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Humoring the Humorless

I consider myself blessed having a sense of humor, something that has bailed me out of so many things my entire life. At my worst moment I will find what’s funny latching onto it like a lift boat. Believe it … Continue reading

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How Much Do You Want It?

I had an early appointment downtown this morning so as I waited to cross 79th Street I watched an older man I actually knew, jump in front of a well-dressed woman to steal a cab.   This sadly is common behavior … Continue reading

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