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Quotidian…An Unremarkable Word

 I’m often asked, why I get up so early everyday, when I don’t have to? It’s my quotidian routine…the daily, typical details of my life, we all have. Mine just begins at 4. It’s what we’re used to, those buoys … Continue reading

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Fat Rations

Is there a shortage of butter I’m unaware of? Are cows on strike? For the record, butter comes from cream, cream comes from milk and milk…MOO…comes from cows. I tried getting Elsie on the phone to comment, but she’s not … Continue reading

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I met a friend (who’s since been reduced to an acquaintance) for afternoon tea. There’s nothing nicer than having a cup midday…to sit and just be, stopping all business long enough to recharge one’s batteries. That said… Mona, I’ll call … Continue reading

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4-Legged Ladies

I had a very interesting morning yesterday. I met 3 new dogs. One was Norma, a pit the size of a cannon at the Park’s Le Pain Quotidian awaiting her mistress who was getting coffee. You can’t mistake a pit … Continue reading

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Coal Miner’s Daughter

My morning started off so well. I got up early, wrote for an hour. The weather is blissfully mild so I shed my layers like a snake in search of the sun. When I went to get my latte at … Continue reading

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When I was 18 I shared a beach house with a bunch of wonderful people in Lordship Connecticut.  There was one other woman living there by the name of Beth. Beth eventually married Mickey and they had three kids her … Continue reading

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