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Things That Irk Me

There are many things that irk me. People putting their feet up on furniture, smokers, and those yakking on their phones in public. Caregivers Tweeting rather than giving care, along with dog walkers who sit instead of walk. Our prevailing … Continue reading

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Trash Talk’in

Yesterday, I was about to begin my run, when I saw a bevy of beer bottles rolling beneath a bench.  I love Central Park and loathe littering anywhere, so often find myself, like this morning, picking it up. As I … Continue reading

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Mistaken Identity

In my Ouch essay I talked about how much I hate littering, so when marching over to a park worker picking up piles of junk to commiserate, it came as no surprise. What did was what he told me. “I … Continue reading

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Going Greenish

I wish I could say I was environmentally correct all the time, but that’s simply not the case. I’m not totally green by a long shot…actually I’m more teal…or celadon…mint perhaps. I try to recycle everything…opt for glass rather than … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, You Dropped This

I went to Panera Bread for coffee this morning since they open the earliest. Considering how tired I was, it was also economical since you can have as much caffeine as you require. Do you think 12 refills may have … Continue reading

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When I was 18 I shared a beach house with a bunch of wonderful people in Lordship Connecticut.  There was one other woman living there by the name of Beth. Beth eventually married Mickey and they had three kids her … Continue reading

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