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Sleepless in Manhattan

When I can’t sleep, rather than count sheep, or even U.S. Presidents, I now count my blessings making a gratitude list from A to Z. It goes something like this: A…apples, the air I breathe and my friend Anna, who … Continue reading

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Live Your Life

During my, do I have a brain tumor scare, I ran into a woman who told me about someone we both knew who’s suffering from early signs of dementia. She’s somebody I’ve worked with who was always very kind to … Continue reading

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Quiet Courage

Bill Hick’s would have been 51 years old today. Though he’s been gone almost 20 years I still feel his presence. He seems to continue to walk the earth…we just can’t see him. A friend of his used to say, … Continue reading

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Things I Would Miss

After rereading Nora Ephron’s list of all the things she’d miss when she left the planet I asked myself, Susannah what would you miss? Hmm… When the Prada Store and cheese were the first things that came to mind I … Continue reading

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