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I Got You Covered

My friends, Ed and Evelyn, have a great, long term marriage, and frankly, the only one I know of. There’s the woman who, after 14 years, hates her husband so much, her goal is to have her own bedroom. Another … Continue reading

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Women Who Dote On Their Men

 I am one of those women who, when she’s got a guy, treats him like a god.  It’s in my Italian DNA, however, I do know how some men, after a time, just expect it as if we work for … Continue reading

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Yearning For Love

When you’re my age, love turns up differently, like it had its face done.  Where before it was about eyes and long, lanky legs, now it’s language and a sense of humor. Who knew?  Certainly not frisky me who approached … Continue reading

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No Biting Or Hair Pulling

I was witness to an argument that left me filled with thought…a young couple duking it out at the entrance of Central Park.  I so wanted to say, please don’t go in disturbing the peace, but managed to muzzle myself. … Continue reading

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Pancake Sunday

My friend Ed makes pancakes for his wife Evelyn every Sunday from scratch.  No, you can’t rent him, I’ve already asked. They top them with the most incredible Vermont made syrup they bring home when they visit their friends who … Continue reading

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Sex On Wry

There’s nothing like snappy wit to snap you out of your gloom. I was sitting at a cafe enjoying the last remnants of an autumn morning when I overheard some very racy repartee. An attractive couple were dueling over household … Continue reading

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It’s nice to have a smart friend, and I certainly have one in my pal Ed. I don’t think I have ever asked him a question about anything he couldn’t answer. A former English teacher, he seems to know a … Continue reading

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Connubial Bliss

I always thought marriage was like crossing a finish line of sorts. You meet someone you care enough about to share your bananas with, as Anne Lamott would say, so you can now relax and write that great American novel. … Continue reading

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I was walking up Madison Avenue behind musician, Ric Ocasek of the 80s band The Cars along with his teenage son. I’ve seen them in the neighborhood before, weaving in and out of stores jumping back into their shiny black … Continue reading

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