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Losing a Friend

I’ve been holding vigil for a friend who just passed. He was sick for a long time and frankly, to see him released from the bondage of illness lightens my heart. Andrew was a Vietnam Veteran who loved his country … Continue reading

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So Long Mimi

My friend Mimi died, passed away peacefully in her sleep. Though well into her 80s, it’s not a comfort when someone says, she lived a good life. Maybe so, but my sadness still surrounds me like a scrim I can’t quite see … Continue reading

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Don’t Force a Door To Stay Open

Someone said this to me after speaking of a longtime friendship ending, and how ephemeral they’ve become, in general.  Thought back to my best pals in childhood, how they stuck around for better or worse, like a marriage…in sickness and … Continue reading

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My friend Connie died. She was in the hospital presumably getting better about to be released, when she suddenly just passed. Her brother, whom she lived with said, how strange it was because she talked that whole day about coming … Continue reading

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Losing A Friend

It’s happening again.   Someone I love has packed their bags.  You’d think since my hearing loss I’d be used to it by now, but the truth is, it still hurts like hell. One feels as if you’re worth ten … Continue reading

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No More Mimi

Yesterday Mimi, my friend and neighbor, left, moving to Washington where I will more than likely never see her again. Yeah, I know, it’s not so far, but as she said good-bye, I knew, we were at the end of … Continue reading

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Leaving Port

Once again I am losing a friend.  Since my hearing loss three years ago this is nothing new.  Those I thought cared deeply for me, jumped ship.  And now it’s happened again.  I would never expose who it is though … Continue reading

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Girl Gone

Forgive me for the title, but it’s hard being clever when your heart’s breaking. Carmela is gone. I went yesterday like every Wednesday and instead of her wiggling down the stairs to greet me, Erminia the maid came to say, … Continue reading

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