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Best Story of the Week…January 31

I’m on West 23rd Street by the Chelsea Hotel, a favorite spot of mine for its historical, artistic lore. It’s where Patti Smith lived with Robert Mapplethorpe and Janis Joplin and The Ramones danced and dreamed. Arthur Miller and Dylan … Continue reading

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They Died With Their Scrubs On

 I go to the hospital monthly, to have a shot to keep my hearing up, in a facility called, The Infusion Center.  Now I’m there for something minor, compared to the cast of chemo patients that never fail to humble … Continue reading

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The Meaness Of Strangers

I’ve heard it said, if one’s abused as a child he’ll either become meaner than his tormentor, or the kindest soul on earth. I make no bones about getting kicked around as a kid, and am pleased to report fall … Continue reading

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I love the expression ‘well-heeled,’ my friend Ed uses it a lot. It means affluent, moneyed, well-to-do. I like the imagery it provides: the Astors and Vanderbilts, Grace Kelly in It Takes a Thief, Cary Grant in just about anything. … Continue reading

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Notes From The Carlyle – July

I know I said I was on a budget and I am, don’t kid yourselves, but in order to write my monthly Bemelmans piece I had to pay a visit. I used my birthday as an excuse. I mean a … Continue reading

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Babies Having Babies

My friend Ali always marvels at how often I ride the train. She walks everywhere but my travels take me all over the place so I have little choice. I’ve often remarked on the things that I’ve seen on mass … Continue reading

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Shoeless Joe

How do you know when it’s okay to help someone? There are people in legitimate need and then there are those who professionally beg. Does that sound harsh? Remember where I am, Noo Yawk, the scam capital of the world. … Continue reading

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