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Best Story of the Week…October 8th

I’m babysitting Max, the Rottweiler, who’s been very depressed since his father’s been away on business. Noel called, to ask if I’d go get him at The Waggy Tail…Pet Motel. Joan of Bark, reporting for duty, ran like Jesse Owens … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life of a Thin Girl

4 a.m..sit-ups in the dark, a few leg raises…10 push-ups before peeing like an arthritic racehorse. 4:25…head under the sink, hair standing straight up like a troll doll…gargle…make bed. 4:55…out the door to Starbucks.  Stop at all-night fruit stand for … Continue reading

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We Choose Whom We Love

Chemistry’s a funny thing.  That’s why you see the guy smooching the gal with a rear the size of Cleveland, and the girl hanging all over her fella who weighs 80 pounds and lisps We all have the last say, … Continue reading

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Ferry Tails

 Before you can enter the Staten Island Ferry’s terminal, one needs to be vetted by two Labradors who look as official as rodeo clowns…their partners as stern as they seem surprised. Why are we working again when we could be … Continue reading

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Unexpected Visitor

Got a call. We’re going to Connecticut house hunting, will you watch Tallulah while we’re gone? Will I? For those of you who don’t know, Tallulah the bichon, is my former next door neighbor whom I love.  She came into … Continue reading

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Animals Over The Counter

My pal Joan’s 91 year-old aunt sent her these she sent to me, when, unbeknownst to either of them, I was having a really bad day.  They lifted me up, as only the four-legged can.  I of course added the … Continue reading

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More Dog Tails

  I write a lot about animals since they make such a difference in my life.  I live for that chance canine encounter when a scratch or sniff can change the course of your day. This morning I met Maisie … Continue reading

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Reaping What You Know

Whenever I see anyone cry, I stop. I can’t help it. A person in that much apparent distress deserves a kind word. Today was a hard one for me. It began being the twenty-first anniversary of my friend Bill’s passing … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Carry A Gun

Because I’d be in jail. As I’m walking into the bank, there’s a young man waiting in line with three old dogs slumped on the floor. It’s always a delight when any establishment is animal friendly. Without pause I say, … Continue reading

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The Basset Beauty Parlor

Carmela is shedding. I realized this when, after a festive romp with Mr. Kato the fun loving Rot, he looked as if he had a severe case of dandruff.  Joey, Mr. Kato’s faithful walker, suggested a good old-fashioned brushing. A … Continue reading

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