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Perseverance, a Persistent Word.

 Perseverance is a noun, meaning, to do something despite delay in reaching a personal goal. Tenacity, diligence, dedication…to be relentless and single-minded…having determination and staying power. It reminds me of a friend’s email address…dedicated always. To have tunnel vision regardless … Continue reading

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A Word From The Heart

 When journalist, Bill O’Reilly, was let go from the Fox Network after twenty-one years on the air, his comment was, “I’m disheartened.” That word has stayed with me since. A verb that means, to lose faith and confidence.  To be … Continue reading

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Poetic License

My friend David Stewart, a great writer (https://greenwalledtower.wordpress.com/), suggested this as a theme I’ve been moodily mulling over.  It was because lately I’ve been getting some bewildering comments that have made me take pause. Let’s begin with basics…its meaning – … Continue reading

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A Word Or Two

My pal Ally Bean thespectacledbean.com in one of her comments, used the word wizened, and it’s been circling my senses every since. It’s an adjective of German descent meaning…shriveled or wrinkled with age, a state I can certainly relate to… … Continue reading

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Word Play

  I love language.  I think part of the reason is I never went to school, so learning has become such a passion for me, basking in the sounds of expression. The word Quisling came a courtin’ making me take … Continue reading

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May I Have A Word With You?

Every once in a while a word flies out of my mouth when I wonder, where the hell did that come from. I found myself telling a friend he had a lot of gravitas. He gave me a funny look … Continue reading

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