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Following Susannah

I’m frequently asked how is it, I have so many stories to share? Why am I always engaging with strangers? Just so you know, I thought about this long and hard before responding. It’s the writer in me…it’s where my … Continue reading

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Art is very personal, so when it’s judged harshly, it’s a blow right to the heart. I can only equate it with one’s child who’s casually criticized. So what does the overly sensitive writer do…hide her prose like porn under … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Peanut Gallery

A peanut gallery, according to Webster, is a group of people who criticize someone, often by focusing on insignificant details. In other words, a pack of miserable fuckers who never learned, if you can’t say something nice, then shut the … Continue reading

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Bad Barmaid

I have never not tipped a soul in my life. A waiter once knocked a half eaten crab cake down my dress, and I still left him money. Accidents do happen, even if they involve an unsuspecting cleavage. To recap… … Continue reading

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A Year In Time

Today is my 365th Post. I can scarcely believe I have written diligently every day for one  whole year. A friend of mine asked me why I started a blog to begin with when I’m such an intensely  private person … Continue reading

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