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Shove Thy Neighbor

I’m in the elevator with a woman in a fur coat I think lives on 12.  She’s in her 80s, still snappily dressed, but occasionally stalls like a Chevy forgetting where she’s parked. I was told by her daughter, if … Continue reading

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Emily Earheart

It was early in the morning, Christmas Eve, when I found a huge loaf of homemade pound cake in front of my door, minus a note. I knew right away it was from Patrick the cat, down the hall, who … Continue reading

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Run For Your Life

There’s a middle-aged man living in my building who suffers from acute panic attacks. Bald, a little hunched over, we literally run into each on the stairs. Despite an elevator, I make myself take them since for forty years, lived … Continue reading

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What Takes Your Breath Away

I was hurrying to catch a van midtown when I saw a man clearly struggling leaning against a building. He looked as if he was undergoing treatment, a paleness giving him away, while a tube ran up his nose over … Continue reading

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Missing Mimi

My 89 year-old neighbor, who’s lived in my building since the year I was born, is leaving to move into an assisted retirement community in Washington D.C after being diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. Boy, did I not see that one … Continue reading

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Three Rounds On The Number 6

It’s a jungle out there, I’m often told, and this one day in particular echoed that sentiment. I get on the 6 train coming from Brooklyn proceeding to sit between a hulking construction looking guy, and a black man in … Continue reading

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For The Birds

It’s occurred to me, I have a bird fetish.  Just yesterday, I acquired another who is now gracing my window sill. My neighbor, Mimi, is also into birds, so I called her over to meet my new beaked roommate. We … Continue reading

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Air Hugging

You’ve heard of the Connecticut kiss haven’t you…when someone smooches the air instead of you?  This is the squeeze version.  A friend (or foe) leans in only to touch you as if you had leprosy. That’s an insult, not a … Continue reading

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Here’s Mud In Your Eye

My neighbor Mimi and I had a beauty night.  I went next door with a jar of mud proceeding to give us both a luxurious seaweed mask, from the isle of Tahiti no less.  Any minute I expected one of … Continue reading

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Compassion At Its Highest

I was asked by a lady in Starbucks, why I gave up my seat to a  homeless woman. Because I could, to quote George Clooney.  She’s someone I often see at various Starbucks in the neighborhood.  She never asks for … Continue reading

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