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The Hug That Was Felt Around The World

I’m in Greenpoint, the Detroit of Brooklyn, making my way home passing a furniture store. It’s not one that would normally catch my eye, since it looks like what my friend Camille would call, Early Bunker, but then something does … Continue reading

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When Love Has The Last Say

In the park this morning I met a Beagle named Mike, who triggered a memory. I couldn’t have been more than 10 when it happened, so my clarity impresses even me. There was a family on our block, The Greenfields, … Continue reading

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I’m a big reader, as most of you know, having the privilege of belonging to a very special library, with stacks you can roam that remind me of catacombs. You just never know what you’ll find.  In one of my diggings, … Continue reading

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So Howdy Boys

Yes, I may just be the Mae West of my new building since I float into the foyer and the sea parts. I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl who appreciates men who aim to please, whether it’s in their job … Continue reading

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The Carmela Chronicles

I’ve been going to Brooklyn faithfully every week, but not only on Saturdays. Due to weather, I needed to exercise some flexibility so Carm and I could go for a nice, comfy walk. Like most women, she hates getting wet … Continue reading

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I’m Rusty

I met Susannah today in the park when she asked my dad if she could pet me. She said, almost apologetically, she needed a doggie fix, bad. My dad, who loves this kinda thing, said sure, go ahead…so I trotted … Continue reading

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Have We Met?

I was perusing past posts to see just how many times I’ve written about animals. It’s amazing how often I have had a four-legged experience to share. Get ready because here comes another one. My love for them influences the … Continue reading

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