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Mr. Brooks Brothers

 He’s a little under 6 feet, slim, erect, well at least his posture anyway, preceding me in the early morning coffee line like a well-heeled West Point Cadet, getting his double latte and New York Times with daily precision. He … Continue reading

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I tried coming up with a clever, pithy title, but when all was said and done…SEX simply said it all. I miss it, like a long, lost friend. I’ve often said, if I never had sex again, I’ve still had … Continue reading

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A Wild Wicked City Woman

I stole that line from a Lucy show when cousin Tennessee Ernie Ford comes to visit and says how his mother said “Ernie, you stay clear of those, wild, wicked city women, ya hear me?” It’s dawned on me, this … Continue reading

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Sex On The Vine

I rarely think of ex-lovers. I mean what’s the point. Most of mine crashed and burned and a few, even cremated. But I found a program to a Lincoln lecture I attended ten years ago, and Professor…are you cute…came to … Continue reading

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Meeting The Man On The Couch

Back around forty posts or so ago, I wrote about a man sparking my interest at the library I go to. (https://athingirl.com/2014/04/22/the-man-on-the-couch) I fantasized, mused and mustered over this reserved, well-heeled guy often seated next to me on the couch. … Continue reading

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War Wounds

Have you ever heard the expression‘it hurts when it rains?’ This can be applied to an old injury or an arrow that pierced one’s heart. I’ll never forget this particular dart I’ll call Sam, who shredded my feelings like a … Continue reading

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Depth of Feeling

I was awed and delighted at some of the comments inspired from yesterday’s post (Geisha For Hire). My selfless viewpoint seemed to have hit quite a few nerves. I feel compelled to say a little more on the subject since … Continue reading

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Love On One Side

I think unrequited love might be the most painful love of all. Have you ever had utmost affection for someone who didn’t feel the same about you? The first time this happened to me was in grammar school. I was … Continue reading

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