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Best Story of the Week…October 1st

It’s barely 7 a.m. as I leave my friend’s grocery store, after waking up to a mix of upsetting messages, unable to kick myself back into neutral. My friend, when he sees a big tear roll down my cheek, fills … Continue reading

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A Little Tenderness

I’m in Starbucks crying, the happiness I promised myself nowhere to be found. While huddled in a corner wrapped in layers of wool, wondering if spring will ever come again, a baby in the tiniest red hoodie, toddles over to … Continue reading

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One Weepy Thingirl

Everything is making me cry. I’m like a raw nerve in jeans and a turtleneck. I’d like to blame it on the snow, but that would be too simple. Saw a three legged-labrador hopping down Third in a red ski … Continue reading

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A Perhaps Good Bye

There’s a spot at the Central Park Resevoir renamed after Jackie O., that is a common place for suicide since rumor has it, it’s the deepest and most effective place to jump. On occasion one sees flowers left in remembrance … Continue reading

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Seeing An Old Friend

Winter encourages hibernation. It’s as though the neighborhood carefully tucks itself¬† away till spring. But like daffodils and tulips, once it hits, everyone is back out…including me. I’ve been quite melancholy lately over a number of things nothing seems to … Continue reading

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Minutes From A New York Writer’s Workshop – January

The holidays are over so I’m tripping over a lot of dead trees. My neighbor Polly dragged hers down the stairs like a dead body. Why the big hurry to get rid of Christmas, that’s what I want to know. … Continue reading

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Notes From The Carlyle – April 2013

I’ve just walked in looking around for a place to hide. All four corners are taken so I’ll have to sit at the bar that is virtually empty. The bartender assumes I want wine but I don’t, I need something … Continue reading

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Melancholy Baby

I’m in the process of coming off of some very strong medication that’s left me quite compromised, not to mention depressed. To sum it up, modern medicine has been playing havoc with my bodily feelings. Twelve days or so ago, … Continue reading

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On Tenderhooks

Maybe it’s the heat or my life of new forced frugality but for whatever reason, I’ve been a little sensitive and edgy these past couple of days; Part of me feels I’m attracting situations adding to my state of mind. … Continue reading

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