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The Right To Bare Arms

This is not about weaponry, it’s about skin – my skin that can still be seen all pale and pink due to my vast collection of sleeveless dresses. Most women my age don’t flaunt their arms. I don’t brandish mine … Continue reading

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I’ll Take It

I never have a problem receiving things. If someone wants to give me something or buy me lunch it’s always fine with me. In my opinion this is one of the healthiest things about me since it counteracts how much … Continue reading

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Surgical Retraction

If one more person, because of that More article, asks me if I’ve had my eyes done I’m going to scream so loud you’ll even hear me. Haven’t you ever heard of poetic license? I consider myself a humorist. Even … Continue reading

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Never Judge a Girl By Her Weight

It’s always an exciting moment for a writer to see herself in print especially when she least expects it. Over the weekend I was killing time at the Barnes & Noble on 86th Street, one of the few remaining left … Continue reading

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