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The Central Park Gym

 Nice to have a gym that’s two and half miles long and a half mile wide. None of this shoulder to shoulder stationary bike business competing for elbow room. You can join a yoga class on the Great Lawn, do … Continue reading

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All Hoodies Up

There was a time not that long ago, if a hint of rain was expected, I’d never leave the house. My iPhone frequently warns me showers are imminent poking my acute phobia about getting wet in its side. Like Carmela, … Continue reading

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Everyone In The Pool

Walking through the park on my way home, I spot a cardinal seeming to lead the way making me think of Robert Preston in The Music Man. I watch as he rests on the railing, then a bench before settling … Continue reading

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A Rose By My Bed

For as long as I can remember a pink rose greeting you first thing in the morning was right up there with the sun. Continue reading

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Those Four-legged Ambassadors

I can’t sleep, once again turning to nature for comfort, convinced animals cure all things.  And to think, they don’t even have to practice. I tried out for the Playboy Club, but didn’t quite make it. We blondes burn easily. … Continue reading

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Cat And Mouse

Now I’ve seen everything.  Rosie, the Windsor Florist cat, has a new playmate and one that has come as a complete surprise.  It’s a little baby mouse the owner has named Pip, as in pipsqueak since he’s the size of … Continue reading

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Mistaken Identity

In my Ouch essay I talked about how much I hate littering, so when marching over to a park worker picking up piles of junk to commiserate, it came as no surprise. What did was what he told me. “I … Continue reading

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Four-Legged Love

We should take a tip from the animals affection wise since they instinctively know how to love.   We need to kiss, hug and canoodle more and if we do, I’ll just bet life, across the board, would be so much … Continue reading

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Paying Attention

OOPS…can someone give me a hand? I’m frequently asked how is it I find so many things to write about. By paying attention to my surroundings. Due to achy joints, I’ve been walking around the Park lately rather than running. … Continue reading

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Tortoise Crossing

Never a dull moment in Central Park. I was tooling around 110th Street, surprised to see a pileup of bikers and runners halted at the crest of Harlem Hill. Uh-oh, I thought, was it an accident? Did someone wipe out … Continue reading

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