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You know why I’m thin? I work at it, that’s why. I watch what I eat. I’m not slender because I’m lucky or have good genes, it’s because watching my weight is a  conscious choice I’ve made my entire life. … Continue reading

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A Three Way With Mustard

I rarely eat dinner…I much prefer a lavish mid afternoon meal that usually holds me till breakfast. But every once in a while at 3 a.m. I wake up ravenous. I don’t keep much food in my house. My fridge … Continue reading

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The Pie That Came In From The Cold

When I went out this morning I found an apple pie in front of my door, and it was no Entenmanns either. It was from William Greenbergs, an Upper Side bakery who specializes in overpriced desserts. Hmm, no note. Who … Continue reading

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All Things Pass

As I sat down to write, it was hard for me to switch gears from gravitas to silliness. Yesterday’s elegy to Nora Ephron left me in a heap on my bed. I realized there has been quite a bit of … Continue reading

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Acting As If

I’m trying so hard to pretend I’m happy when I am anything but. In 12 Step they suggest you, act as if all is well because before you know it you’ll be sitting on top of the world, and not … Continue reading

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When You’re Not Invited

I wish I had thicker skin in general but what happens when you know, without a shadow of a doubt, you’re simply not wanted. Trudy, next-door, gave a cocktail party and did not invite me. I had called her to … Continue reading

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The Rats of Madison Avenue

No I’m not talking about the men or even the store owners. I’m referring to the explosion of actual rats that have taken up residence between the hours of midnight and 6. My neighbor Trudy brought this to my attention … Continue reading

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When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

I’ve mentioned many of my neighbors on a number of occasions. There’s the night owl upstairs and the sex queen next door. We even had one who was arrested recently for reasons still unknown but now we have ‘the smoker.’ … Continue reading

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So Would You Come Already

I live in a prewar brownstone chopped up into studios and one bedroom apartments. It’s charming, quaint, and incredibly noisy especially if, like me, you reside on the front side of the building. I’m pleased to say from years of … Continue reading

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