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New Year’s Resolutions I Probably Won’t Keep

Letting my hair go gray, like Patti Smith.  Now if I could only sing. I might grow bangs, to hide my wrinkled brow, but what if I look like Lucy, in Peanuts.  Not resembling a refugee when I run. Perhaps … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Promise

I find when I call changes I’d like to make in the coming year, resolutions, they never pan out. But a promise, after all, is a promise, even if it’s only to yourself. I’ve decided, I’m going to be happier. … Continue reading

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New Year’s Revolution

No, that’s not one of my famous typos, it’s how I’m approaching 2018, like a WAC,  going to war. It’s interesting how army women are called WACS, short for Women’s Army Core.   Wonder whose testosterone was overflowing when that … Continue reading

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January 1, 2017

A clean slate is how I’m looking at the day…an opportunity for change. Have you ever heard, the definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? 2016 for me was all about … Continue reading

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New Year’s Revolutions

A revolution is a good way to look at my move which concludes on Saturday. I’m stubbornly sitting in the old place like a prisoner refusing to leave jail.  I thought I was a lifer here at Sing Sing Susannah, … Continue reading

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New Year Expectations

We’re embarking on a brand new year. Like everyone, I look to it like a clean, white canvass. 2014 certainly wasn’t a fruitful one for me, but being a optimist one time removed, I have faith in the coming one. … Continue reading

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Tolerating Tolerance

I always make one major New Year’s resolution to improve myself…the big winner? To be more tolerant toward others. Of course now I want to change my mind and get it off the table since I just got annoyed at … Continue reading

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In Hindsight

One of my favorite writers who blogs at fillingspaces.wordpress.com penned a wonderful piece on New Year’s resolutions that prompted me to weigh in. I try not to make any since I don’t tend to keep them since it becomes a … Continue reading

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