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Run For Your Life

There’s a middle-aged man living in my building who suffers from acute panic attacks. Bald, a little hunched over, we literally run into each on the stairs. Despite an elevator, I make myself take them since for forty years, lived … Continue reading

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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

For the likes of me, I can’t get these new doormen straight.  There are four that seem to blend, like madras bleeding in the wash. It’s easy to recognize Felix because he only has one tooth, and Sampson, living up … Continue reading

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Panic on The 5th Floor

One of things I already miss about my old apartment is the freedom of coming and going.  There was no super, no authority whatsoever allowing you to do exactly as you pleased any hour of the day or night. If … Continue reading

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Match Point

I’m coming out of my building and there’s a young boy lighting matches. “Hey kid, what are you doin there?” “Nothin.” “Are you playing with matches?” He thrust them in his pocket. “Comere, I want to talk to you.” He … Continue reading

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The Doormen In My Life

The downside of living alone is when you need something that requires the help of another. What’s a thin girl to do when an art director at 8 in the morning wants a photo of her in a cocktail dress … Continue reading

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