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Staying the Course

A friend of mine put it well…these are unprecedented times. I’ll say. If these 5 months have taught me anything it’s, I know nothing of what’s to come. New York is like a war zone as you make your way … Continue reading

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When Men Are Men

It’s 4 A.M. on a Friday morning, as I head to a very early job. The city, though quieter to be sure, is anything but asleep, especially where the trains are concerned. As a true blue New Yorker, I’m not … Continue reading

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A Not Nice New York

I live on the Upper East Side in the middle of a pretty block. If you go west, all is clean and peaceful, doormen sweeping, hosing down the pavement.  Seasonal flowers planted on each esplanade. However, if you go east, … Continue reading

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Snoogums Oh Ma Huna

There’s a woman who works at a Starbucks I frequent who has a cartload of names for her customers…doesn’t matter how many times you tell her the right one she’s supposed to jot on your cup like a dog tag. … Continue reading

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More Breadtime Stories

I was stretching in front of the Guggenheim Museum when I notice a bakery truck, double-parked, while watching the driver and two cops verbally duke it out. Naturally I put that leaf in my ear to effectively eavesdrop in order … Continue reading

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Sweet Interlude

As I was walking down 86th Street a woman holding a baby was coming towards me.  She was pointing to a tree explaining its blossoms.  I loved how intensely the child listened as if he understood every word she said. … Continue reading

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Ten Little Indians

Every Sunday morning I go to Tal Bagels on 83rd and Lexington to get one of their mini specials. After six days of oatmeal I give myself a break. Not that I’m not fond of the porridge I make every … Continue reading

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Sardines In A Can

I often write about subway life, the only way to get around quickly in Manhattan. The trains are truly amazing, until they get stuck with you smashed against some guy with breathtaking BO that is. He was nice looking…corporate and … Continue reading

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Discomfort Food

I’m here in bed with a hot water bottle and no, I’m not wearing lingerie. Rolaids are on the bedside table along with ginger-ale and a cup of cold camomile tea. Camille and I went to our first Christmas cocktail … Continue reading

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Baby Makes Three

On the heels of my essay, All Shook Up… https://athingirl.com/2013/11/13/im-all-shook-up/ about my very pregnant upstairs neighbor… that very night there was a shy knock on the door. “Who is it?” No answer. This is New York so I never answer … Continue reading

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