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James 4

As I walk towards the entrance of the Park on 90th Street, I pass an older man of color asleep in an alcove of a prewar building, now home to an embassy. His name is James, who has lived outside … Continue reading

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What I Didn’t Say

When a woman walked into my friend’s grocery store, without a mask, refusing to wear one when he politely asked her to, I didn’t say…hey bitch, who do you think you are? After my friend made the decision not to … Continue reading

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Pandemic By Phone

7:15 A.m. I’m in the market, in the check-out line. If you ever told me it would be such a wealth of material, I never would have believed it. A woman is behind me on her 6 foot mark. Another … Continue reading

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Smug as a Bug in a Rug

I marvel at the very rich, especially the women who have done absolutely nothing to become that way, except lassoing a smart husband like a calf at a rodeo, taking them along for the ride. They preen and prance up … Continue reading

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You Great Small Beautiful Doll

I’ve changed the lyrics to the famous song to honor two twins I encountered on the avenue in frilly dresses and Mary Janes, ribbons in their curly blonde hair. There they were, toddling along, their Nanny manning their empty double-stroller … Continue reading

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Uncouth Youth

Just when you think, you’ve seen everything. I’m standing in the express line at Whole Foods.  There’s a teenager, all of 15, in front of me, and a very old man with a cane, in front of her. I see … Continue reading

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A Little Diplomacy

It’s been, the First Day of School week, on the upper east side.  Kids of all ages, with parents, grandparents, nannies in tow, dressed like tiny cadets…boys in blue blazers and miniature knackis, girls wearing jumpers, tights and brand new … Continue reading

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A Super Cha-Cha

I see all kinds of things, in the early morning, to make mental note of. Today, for instance, en route home from my run, there’s a man, a superintendent of a building along 86th Street, dancing along the curb while … Continue reading

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A Ring Through Your Nose

There I was, lolling in hot water for my monthly pedicure (at Thingirl’s worse moment she’s soaking), when a hysterical mother came charging in like a bull, in Gucci. “My daughter needs help,” she said, as if she were lying … Continue reading

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