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If This Bed Could Talk

I just ordered a new bed at Sleepy’s since mine is 22 years old.  Gigi, the salesgirl, amazed, said it was older than she was half expecting her to ask for its autograph.  One could say, it’s the Elvis of … Continue reading

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At First Blush

I’ve been trying to remember my very first crush…the first time my heart was awakened by those sudden butterflies fluttering due to another. There was Bobby Hargrove in the third grade, he in the sixth who was a patrol boy.  … Continue reading

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A Mother Of A Mother

I’m always taking cheap shots (she so deserves) at me mother, so I’ve decided to write about her assets for Mother’s Day of which she had many, starting with her marinara sauce to this day is unrivaled. I have the … Continue reading

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Memorial Day, 2014

I wanted to write something to commemorate the day, but what exactly. Should it be on the Civil War….Vietnam? Maybe I should honor Washington, or Teddy. What about U.S. Grant? Then it hit me. I should write a reverent remembrance … Continue reading

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226 Church Hill Road

It’s funny how scent evokes memory. This morning as I entered the park I got a massive whiff of freshly cut grass.  When I gazed in the distance Dog Hill was being mowed in perfectly even sections. Made me think … Continue reading

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Love: Add Water and Stir

I was sitting on the Metropolitan Museum’s steps having myself a good muse. It’s a great place for a little late night reflection since the city slows down just enough to give you space to think. I was accompanied by … Continue reading

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Love Till It Comes Along

How does one derive love when there is no one special to lavish our affections on? We need to tap into other sources, but what are they? They must vary from person to person so I sat down and made … Continue reading

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All Things Pass

As I sat down to write, it was hard for me to switch gears from gravitas to silliness. Yesterday’s elegy to Nora Ephron left me in a heap on my bed. I realized there has been quite a bit of … Continue reading

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