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The Biggest Story of the Week…December 21

I’m on 86th and Third, waiting for the light to change. A cab pulls up. The door swings open, but all I see are two legs the size of sequoias, hanging off the seat. I peek in to find a … Continue reading

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Fats and Tats

I’ve noticed how many chubby men and women have tattoos. And I don’t just mean a rose or scull here and there either. I’m talking, arms and legs, covered, like a comic strip in bulky flight. This came to my attention … Continue reading

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Fat Man At My Table

I’m in Starbucks at my usual table when a very large man sits in the chair across from me. “Excuse me,” I say, “but why are you here?” properly startled. He says, “It’s community seating, so I can sit where … Continue reading

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Courtesy At Large

What do you say to an over weight person who accuses you of being too thin? There are quite a few avenues to choose from. 1) Do you take Guilt Street because they make 6 of you? Did you spoon … Continue reading

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Would You Please Shut-Up

Why do women talk so much? I was accosted this morning by a band of them walking in a long row like Picket’s Charge. On top of that they were talking over one another; imagine a pile of radios blasting … Continue reading

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