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Best Story of the Week…January 14th

I’m on my way home through the Park, midday, when I see a handsome man maybe in his 40s, walking a beautiful dog. A mutt you’d call her, since she’s clearly a mix, legs of a Greyhound with the face … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week…August 22

It’s a drizzly day as I head back home from my run. A pretty girl in her 30s is standing under the eave of a brownstone perusing her phone, smartly staying dry. She looks great in jeans with an opened … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week…November 16

I’m strolling down Park behind a very voluptuous dog walker in her 20s, Rubenesque, if you will, with a chassis, as my dad would have said, stopping traffic. But what got my attention was her relationship with the sheepdog she … Continue reading

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Going Paperless

I’m neurotic, I’ll admit it, notoriously missing nothing, so when a kid walked into Starbucks with a stream of toilet paper peering from his pant leg, you know I had to tell him. As he stood perusing the pastries appearing … Continue reading

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Best Story of the Week

I’m in Starbucks putting milk in my coffee standing between a middle-aged woman and a girl around 20. As I’m stirring I watch the younger one take a good 40 sugar packets she casually puts in her purse. The older … Continue reading

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On The Train…A Little Latino Family

They were seated like dolls piled on a bed, shoulders and legs touching. A mother, father, son and daughter stacked in height by one inch.  They could have been a painting, a trompe l’oeil, playing tricks on a wall. They … Continue reading

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Sweet Interlude

As I was walking down 86th Street a woman holding a baby was coming towards me.  She was pointing to a tree explaining its blossoms.  I loved how intensely the child listened as if he understood every word she said. … Continue reading

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Minutes From A New York Writer’s Workshop

This may become a feature…we’ll see. But it’s dawned on me, though making copious mental notes of all I see, I’m not always quick on the draw dialogue wise, wading through and wasting, some of the best lines overheard ever. … Continue reading

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Asleep In Their Wings

This past Sunday I went out to watch the sun rise. It was 41 degrees, no wind so it felt actually pleasant to be out in the early morning air. I love the moment the light pops, as if nature … Continue reading

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The Birds

No, this isn’t about Tippi Hedren but it will make your hair stand on end, just a tad. It’s about my new, avid interest in those warm blooded egg-laying vertebrate distinguished by the possession of feathers, wings, and a beak … Continue reading

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