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And Then There Was…LIGHT

I’m home, puttering around, when all of a sudden, every light in the house went on except for my desk lamp that needs to be switched on. It was very Close Encounters of the Third Kind, making me think, any … Continue reading

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Bill Hicks…A Lion In Winter

Today would have been Bill’s 55th birthday.  I tend to celebrate it like any other poignant anniversary, with revered remembrance and lots of love. I wrote once about how we’d turn one another on to movies we loved, the other … Continue reading

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Things I Love

I was sitting on the sofa thinking of all things in my life I love, compiling quite a list, one I’d like to share. What I find interesting is how each one led to another to another to another. Writing … Continue reading

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What Ever Will Be Will Be

     Que Sera Sera and how I want to smack that Doris Day. This is a tough one for me, to leave things alone. Relinquishing control has never been one of my strong points. How could it be since … Continue reading

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