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Mornings On Horseback

I’ve just finished David McCullough’s book, Mornings On Horseback (1981) about a young, romantic Theodore Roosevelt. The by-line reads: The Story Of An Extraordinary Family, A Vanished Way of Life And The Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt. What inspires … Continue reading

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Back In Step

I’ve been a member of Al-Anon, a 12-Step program for those affected by the aftershocks of alcohol, for 12 years. I stopped attending meetings due to my hearing loss, but two weeks ago, went back. It was the best decision … Continue reading

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Testing 1 2 3

As some of you know, I’ve been under a doctor’s care.  A young neurologist who has put me through testing hell.  Well, the research has concluded without any concrete explanation in regards to my hearing loss. The last attempt at … Continue reading

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Last Call

I have stopped drinking, for how long, I don’t know.  But having that alcoholic gene passed down from my parents, those yield signs are flashing. Dave Attell, a comic I love says, he drinks to quiet the voices.  My father … Continue reading

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Living On The Edge

I’ve always liked this expression, especially the image it offers. There’s a great photograph of Lady Diana in a sky blue swimsuit sitting on the wing of a plane, her shapely legs dangling off.  They even used it in the … Continue reading

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A Boring Day

I popped into Phil, the shoemaker, to visit Vanya, his wife, who asked me out of habit  what’s new. She’ll ask me this at least three times in our conversation, in case I forgot something. “Nothing’s new,” I said. “I’m … Continue reading

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My iron level, according to a recent blood test, is at an all time low, something I find neurotically disturbing. My doctor, who looks at everything like it’s Godzilla, is concerned. A friend of mine, a couple years my senior, … Continue reading

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Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

I first read this in a 12 Step book, but feel it applies across the board. There’s so much truth in it not to mention resistance. Who likes change? Not me. If something remotely shifts I break into a nervous … Continue reading

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Timber is what I wanted to yell sailing off a chair I was standing on, seeing every bone in my body flash before me as I hit my head against the parquet floor. It increased my compassion for all fallen … Continue reading

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I’m in the throes of coming off a two week siege of steroids. Imagine rolling down a hill at 90 miles per hour, or being shoved from a plane without a parachute. And guess what, the physical aspects are the … Continue reading

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