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Weirdest Story of the Week…January 3

I’m in Starbucks courtesy of a Christmas present, happily sipping a large latte without a care in the world. It’s early on New Years’s Day so I’m pretty much alone until… a man sits on my right, a woman, my … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Rabbi

I’m waiting for the light to change behind a very attractive woman in her 30s, and a very, unattractive man, in his. He was as homely as she was beautiful, so I assumed they were just friends, until they kissed … Continue reading

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Boast On Toast

 There’s a downside to everything, even a coupon, as I sit in the very ritzy Russian  Petrossian Restaurant, about to inhale some complimentary caviar, an acquired taste much like Tab, or Cool Whip despite what it costs. When I say … Continue reading

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Blind Dates Are Meant For The Blind

By Let me just say, I HATE WHEN ANYONE MEDDLES IN MY PERSONAL LIFE…even if it appears, I don’t have one. It’s all about perspective, after all. Okay, I don’t have a man in my life at the moment, more … Continue reading

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Phone Survey…or…Life In a Cell

I counted 17 people waiting for the crosstown bus, all on their phones, either talking, texting or emailing.  It could have easily been an Apple commercial, waiting for an obscure actor to waltz through pitching iPhone ACDC,or whatever they have … Continue reading

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Camille & Susannah Ted & Ginger

Camille and I had dinner with Ted, a mutual friend of ours who wanted to introduce us to his new girlfriend. Delighted for him, we were more than happy to go. Ted has been auditioning women for some time now. … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

Hi, it’s Nikki, remember me? I was looking for a date a while back…well good news, I found one. His name is Jason and he’s an actor and probably the sweetest guy in the whole world. We met on Petfinders … Continue reading

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Open-faced On Wry

Manning a daily blog has truly been an in-depth education that continues illuminating. Not only have I learned things about myself I didn’t know, I’ve been enlightened toward the attitudes and feelings of others that occasionally include disapproval. As a … Continue reading

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No, this isn’t about drinking though I could sure use one even though it’s not quite 9 in the morning. And no, I’m not a drunk. I’m just one of the many women on the planet who may need something a … Continue reading

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