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Feed My Sheep

I’m always reading, or at the very least perusing a book, jotting down words or phrases that woo from the page. For instance, I’m rereading the entire Poldark series, this time in order, and Winston Grahams’s language has me swooning, … Continue reading

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Tobacco Road

“Got ana change?” “No, sorry.” “How bout a cigarette? “I don’t smoke.” I’ve counted seventeen people panhandling in a twelve block radius, in all colors, shapes and sizes. There’s the heavyset black girl with a huge sign reading: PLEASE HELP…HAVEN’T … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I’m in a bar…a French joint on the Upper East Side nursing an overpriced Chardonnay. The barmaid, with a freak of nature bust-line, hands me a note. “I just love your glasses.” Yeah, heard that one before.  Next thing I … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Doggoned

 I just gave my last buck to a beagle. En route to Grand Central catching the train home, I notice a kid in his 20s sitting on the pavement sketching. Next to him was a beagle so old it looked … Continue reading

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Be The Person You Want To Come Home To

My chief New Year’s resolution is to be kinder and more hopeful…to be the person I want to come home to. The mere thought quickly reels me in whenever I catch myself being pushy and demanding with someone whom I … Continue reading

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The Postman Rings Late

What is going on with the mail? I feel as if we’d be doing better if they’d resurrect the Pony Express. For starters, my mail doesn’t come till sundown. The mailman, who looks like he stops off for a couple … Continue reading

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Love Till It Comes Along

How does one derive love when there is no one special to lavish our affections on? We need to tap into other sources, but what are they? They must vary from person to person so I sat down and made … Continue reading

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